Welcome to Elysium Talent Agency. With our principal commercial office in Los Angeles, the agency is broadening its capabilities into a full-service talent agency spanning time zones and countries. We represent actors, models, and athletes in most areas of the entertainment industry including commercials, motion pictures, television, print, animation, theater, and hosting.

We see the status quo as global opportunity with talent to help clients connect to their core audience where ever they may be. Our world's culture is in constant flux, being ahead of the trend is the only way to make connections that others don't, and then fuse those together to create something that would not have existed.

Our roster of talent are constantly developing new abilities, and improving their skills to succeed at achieving great creative work. Elysium Talent Agency has a reputation as a respected and diversified talent agency. With excellence on our minds and long-standing relationships, we have helped further the careers of already established actors, those up-and-coming, and young actors. Seeing our talent succeed, and working to secure future success is imperative.

Our employee's credentials are like an army of tinkerers, which combining all pieces, make the agency as awesome as possible. Connecting the knowledge of major feature film work in front of the camera as actors as well as behind the camera as crew, 26+ years in the school district, military background, and a variation of other experience, we are mindful of specific needs.

Contact our agents to discuss how the depth and variety of talent available to you on our roster can suit your current needs.

We are people who want to do things that haven't been done before. People who are constantly thinking,
"What if…"


Currently Accepting Commercial / Print Submissions

Seeking Representation Email:

In order to evaluate your marketability with our industry clients, we request that you include the checked requirements to the right. Additional material such as athletic photos/ability, hosting reel, and modeling photos
are acceptable as specific needs for the area which you are seeking representation.

Referrals by Managers will take first priority.


  • Cover Letter
  • Headshot
  •          - keep to under 1mb in size
  • Resume
  • Reel
  •          - link if you have one
  • Additional Photos
  •          - modeling
             - athletic
             - lifestyle

Non US Submissions

ETA does accept non US submissions. An actor or model must have extensive experience to be considered,
and have current US Visa to work.


(310) 966 0411

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